BookTrib's Bites: Four Reads to Ring in Thanksgiving


(NewsUSA) - Messianic MissionariesA Reaction to Messianic Missionaries by Cheryl Simani

A fresh, exciting perspective on the missionary/counter-missionary controversy. Appalled by the nefarious tactics of Christian missionaries disguised as Jews, Rabbanit Simani pens a personal letter to those misled by their wiles. She addresses the “Jews for Jesus” organization head-on and dives deep into the characters and sources for Jewish and Christian Messianic claims.

The book addresses the development of the “Messianic Jewish” movement and the “Isaiah 53 Campaign” – an aggressive effort targeting Jews with misinformation to convert them to their disguised form of Christianity. It also outlines the conflicting historical paths of Judaism and Christianity.  This is a dynamic perspective of the origins of Early Christianity, a must-read for anyone interested in who was or will be the Messiah. A perfect gift for the “truth-seekers” among family and friends, and that special rabbi. Purchase at

Coppinville ExperienceThe Coppinville Experience by Frederick Hamilton

This book is a testament that it's not where you start, but how you reach your potential. Frederick L. Hamilton was born into poverty, but by God's favor is led to a public service career improving the lives of low-income persons that mirror his childhood. His story starts with his great, great, great, great, grandparents being born into slavery. It follows his genealogy through Coffee County and Enterprise, Alabama and presents the genesis of education for Blacks in Enterprise.

At an early age, he developed a powerful relationship with God. He understood his family was poor, but God was still present and his family is blessed with love. This book is A historic, comical, spiritual, and triumphant example of how God can use anybody to do His Will! Purchase at

Diplomats & AdmiralsDiplomats & Admirals by Dale A. Jenkins

Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor inevitable? It’s November 1941. Japan and the U.S. are teetering on a knife-edge as leaders on both sides of the Pacific strive to prevent war between them. But failed diplomacy, foiled negotiations, and possible duplicity in the Roosevelt Administration thwart their attempts.

 Drawing on now-declassified original documents, here’s the inside story, including:

  • How hidden agendas of powerful civilian and military leaders pushed the two nations toward war
  • Miscommunications, misjudgments, and blunders that doomed peace efforts
  • China’s role in the U.S. ultimatum that triggered the Pearl Harbor attack
  • Why the carrier-to-carrier showdown at Coral Sea proved a fatal mistake for Japan
  • How U.S. navy pilots snatched victory from defeat at the Battle of Midway

Combining perspectives from military and civilian leaders, here are new insights into the Pacific naval battles that shaped the world. Purchase at

The Future KingThe Future King: Return of the Once Monarch by Vishnul Jain

Plunge into a modern world full of magical creatures and sorcery in this Amazon bestselling novel, as Merlin grapples with the insidious Order of Rhamnusia in a race to control the return of the Once and Future King. Will the Order free Morgana and control the fate of the king’s return? Or will Merlin rise to redemption after the tragedy that befell him centuries ago and become the hero this world so desperately needs?

 "The fanciful illustrations lend a storybook ambiance to the novel. The prose reads at a young adult level but with enough flourishes and spark to fire adult readers' imaginations too...A remarkable, inventive tale combining elements of two very different cultures with ancient traditions...Devotees of the Arthurian legend will appreciate this modern spinoff of a classic tale," says The US Review. Purchase at